Parent Education

Clinic Participation

Parent clinic participation is a vital component of an effective clinic-based program. It provides our families hands-on training with their expert team in a controlled environment to manage and overcome challenging behaviors. There are a variety of setups for clinic participation from being on the floor to participating through our parent viewing room. Parents work with their supervisor to setup and implement the best plan that meets their family’s needs.

Teacher teaching her student(3)
One-on-one Meetings
Our parents appreciate being included in every stage of their child’s progress by joining program review meetings and participating in 1:1 parent education sessions. These session are a valuable part of every child’s program and includes parent, home & community generalization planning.
Parents Writing
Parent Education Groups
Our groups provide a forum for parents to learn together through mutual experience and support. Proctored by our expert clinical team, each group tackles topics of importance and gains strategies to better manage behavioral challenges in the home or community settings. We believe in empowering parents to change the future.

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