Social Skills Group

What are social skills group services at Quality Behavior Solutions?

Social skills group services are delivered in a small group format (2 or more participants) and are led by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). The Supervisor and RBT develop lesson plans to work on during the groups’, which can range from four to ten hours weekly depending on each child’s need. The lesson plans are developed to help build on a variety of social behavior. Social skills group uses the evidenced based principles of ABA to support teaching children both social and life skills. These skills are designed to provide the child with the tools to build and maintain meaningful relationships with same aged peers and adults. 

Benefits of social skills group
Our leading edge ABA center and dedicated team of clinicians provide individualized comprehensive programs in a safe and caring environment so that every child has a pathway to success. Conveniently located in the heart of the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys, our clinics include 1:1 instruction rooms, large indoor sensory gyms, ball pits, dedicated children restrooms, and a large open environment perfectly arranged to promote group learning, play and creativity.
Prerequisites for social skills group

Those who would benefit from social skills group:

  • Lower social communication than same-aged peers
  • Difficulty maintaining meaningful relationships 
  • Lack of attentiveness in others’ interests 
  • Difficulty maintaining conversations 
Benefits of social skills group

Through social skills group, kids can learn many skills including:

    • Perspective taking 
    • Sharing and taking turns 
    • Greeting others
    • Responding to others
    • Starting and maintaining conversations 
    • Appropriate play with peers 
    • Nonverbal cues
    • Flexible thinking 
    • Maintaining meaningful friendships and relationships 

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